I’ve been watching a lot of movies that, surprisingly enough, have a strong element of that “what the heck am I going to do with my life” quality I’ve been dealing with lately.

Movies like this:Reality Bites

And like this:st-elmos-fire

I never said they were GOOD movies, people, but I’ve got a Netflix subscription that needs to be used somehow!

What’s your favorite quarter life crisis/coming of age film?


My Dad and I were chatting last week about technology.  I just became the proud owner of a BlackBerry Storm, and, thanks to Verizon’s current 2-for-1 deal, my Dad has a BlackBerry now too.  He’d been unhappy with his Treo for quite sometime, but getting him to switch over to a new (and as far as I’m concerned, better) piece of technology was like pulling teeth.  We were at the Verizon store for THREE HOURS while he decided.  THREE HOURS.


Now, my father works in technology, so I couldn’t quite figure out what the issue was.  At one point, while he was staring at one of the new smart phones with baffled longing, I asked him what the problem was.  “I’ve never felt so out of the loop technologically,” he said.  “I feel like all this has completely passed me by.”  This coming from the man who makes his own computers and stores servers in our basement.

As frustrated as I was by the BlackBerry incident, I actually understand where my Dad was coming from.  Though I feel like I’m generally on top of the newest iPod updates or computer trends, social networking tends to leave me scratching my head.  Facebook was my limit – MySpace, Friendster… no thanks.  Now that I’ve just joined Twitter, Linked In, and reentered the blogosphere, my head is spinning as I struggle to stay ahead of the curve.  So I ask all of you, what do you feel overwhelmed by?  Social networking?  Technology?