Have you ever felt like you’ve focused on one thing, and one thing only, a little too intensely?  Like your life, from sunrise to sunset, was dedicated to only one pursuit?

I have a good friend, V, kicking butt at a very prestigious law school in the Mid-West.  V and I met during an internship just over two years ago and, after becoming fast friends with a shared love for chocolate and Grey’s Anatomy, we’ve stayed close.  In both our cases, we’ve now made it to a point we’d been trying to reach for most of our lives: for her, law school, for me, a career in politics.

We were talking the other day (over G-Chat, I’m a new convert!) about how great it is that we’ve gotten so far at such young ages.  We are products of the feminist movement: set a goal, girls, and there’s nothing to stop you.

But what do you do when you get there?

I’ve worked incredibly hard to get to the place that I am, as has V.  But at what cost?  I often feel like I’m living a one-note life – my existence is my job, and nothing else.  For V, venting her pre-finals frustration over instant message, the only thing she’s concentrated on since she started law school is, yep, law school.  All those other trivial pursuits (you know, like a social life) fall by the wayside as you become “successful.”

We’re taught to shoot for the moon and that wanting it is enough.  But I don’t want just the moon – I want the UNIVERSE.  I want a career but I also want to see my friends and family, have a relationship, and be reminded that my purpose is SO MUCH MORE than I’d originally planned.

I know that part of growing up is about finding balance in yourself, for ALL parts of yourself.  The professional AND the personal.  But, as I’m sure V  – and many others – can attest… they don’t teach that kind of a course in college.

…so what do you do to find it?