Today is a bit of a random day.  It’s Saturday, so I’m entitled, right?

First off, I’ve gotten 142 hits since I started this sucker what, 3 days ago?  As far as I’m concerned, that’s kinda awesome.  So thanks to everyone that’s clicked through from Facebook, Twitter, and 20 Something Bloggers… it looks like my shameless self promotion is paying off.

Good news!  I have an interview on Tuesday morning!  I would LOVE to work for this particular organization, and it seems like the job would be a good fit.  I already have my outfit picked out, and now I just need to settle on a pair of shoes. (An aside: I absolutely love Old Navy.  I found the perfect button-down shirt there yesterday AND it was on sale.  An interview isn’t complete without some new clothes.)

It’s finally starting to look like spring outside, even if it doesn’t feel like it quite yet.  The sun is shining today and there are purple and yellow tulips struggling to come up in my front yard.  I just wish it was a little bit warmer so I could sit outside.  The Cherry Blossom is coming up in a couple weeks, and even though I’ve lived in the DC area for almost 6 years, I’ve never gone down to the Mall to take part in any of the festivities.  I think that’s got to change!