Since I lost my job back in January, I’ve been struggling to figure out a way to pay my student loans.  I had a tough enough time making ends meet as it was, and the total lack of income wasn’t making things any easier.  So, for the last few months, I’ve been thrown into the hazy world of the economic hardship forbearance.

I knew I couldn’t defer my loans (they make this option incredibly elusive – you need to either be in school, in the health care profession, or, I don’t know, dead.  That was a no go.)  Forbearances aren’t easy to navigate, either.  You have to jump through numerous paperwork hoops just to be considered.  And, in my case, I had to submit three separate sets of information for each of my private loans.  I chuckled a little when I saw one of my loans is still owned by Lehman Bros – I had no problem sending them paperwork telling them I was taking a break.  They have my tax dollars, they can wait a bit for the rest.

Just this evening I got an email from American Education Services regarding my interest statement.  Hmm, intriguing, since that stuff usually gets rolled into monthly payments.  Did this mean, YES!  YES, THEY APPROVED THE UNEMPLOYMENT FORBEARANCES!  After dodging creditor phone calls for two months, I can finally breathe a little bit easier.  And, bonus, I can stop dreading my voicemail messages.

I don’t think it’s possible to be more relieved than I am right now.   My credit report and I are very happy.